Left ear ringing spiritual meaning

All too often, people find themselves with their left ear ringing. Very few people however realize that there is a deeper spiritual meaning to left ear ringing. Interestingly enough, the ringing in the ears is linked to a shift in their energetic alignment. This happens to people who are highly sensitive to the energies of […]

Spiritual meaning turtle

Turtles are majestic creatures and no matter whether the turtle is big or small, they have always been a source of wonder and awe. One of the most iconic and noteworthy facts about a turtle is that it lives a very very long life. In fact, their lifespan can go upto as much as 60 […]

Spiritual meaning yellow butterflies

Butterflies are gorgeous. They are colorful reminders to find joy in our surroundings. You can’t help smiling when you see a butterfly. Yellow butterflies in particular make such a contrast against the bright green leaves. It flies gently from flower to flower doing what it must. It has a purpose and a goal. It attains […]

Spiritual meaning of grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are curious little insects. With the ability to jump really high, the grasshopper is no stranger to reaching for great heights. The spiritual meaning of a grasshopper is linked to this. A grasshopper symbolizes hope, strength, fortitude, resilience, determination, dedication and focus. Lots of people believe that the grasshopper is a sign of good […]

Spiritual meaning of a fly

spiritual meaning of a fly

Flies can be found all around the world. To say that the insect is not popular is an understatement. Nobody likes the constant buzz of a fly near their ears. Plus, the fly is always seen close to refuse and garbage. It is associated with the spread of diseases because of this. If you put […]

Spiritual meaning of a black cat

spiritual meaning of the balck cat

Cats are one of the best companions that man has had since the time unknown. Dog lovers may choose to argue. The matter still stands that many people choose to keep cats as both indoor and outdoor pets.  The reason why cats are so popular is because of their independence. They are generally really clean […]

Spiritual meaning of frogs

frog spiritual meaning

Among the numerous reptilians on the planet, nothing is quite as fascinating as the humble frog. With a short tailless body, this incredible creature can live both on land and water, is remarkably patient and resourceful. It is said that the energy of a frog is feminine one. You can feel the vibes as soon […]

Spiritual meaning of the hummingbird

Native to the Americas, the hummingbird is a small bird that is just 7.5-13 cm. Despite their small size, it has become popular across the world because of the gorgeous colors that adorn its body. It’s name is derived from the buzz or humming sound that its wings produce. The hummingbird is the smallest migratory […]

Spiritual meaning of the moth

The moth is the quieter, less noticed cousin of the butterfly. This insect usually has darker wings and flies primarily at night. In fact, the saying ‘like a moth to a flame’ came from the moth’s innate urge to fly towards bright light. It is a bit contradictory since they are primarily night fliers. That […]

Spiritual meaning of squirrels

Squirrels are one of the most popular rodents on the planet. With their gorgeous bushy tails, exuberant nature and ultra cute squeaks, people love to spot them when they head out on walks. Some even keep them as pets.  Squirrels unlike many animals are found in most parts of the world. Some are bigger than […]