For most of our lives, we usually don’t pay much attention to numbers. Sometimes however we have to stand up and take note when a number appears in front of our noses time and time again. 

The number 88 is one of those iconic numbers that people always tell you to watch out for. Why? Simply because there is a great depth of spiritual meaning associated with 88. Numerology too has a lot to say when it comes to this number. 

If you have been spotting the number 88 randomly at road signs, license plates, books etc., you may want to take a pause and read through this article as we uncover all the significant meanings attached to it. If you notice the number 88 on any of your identification cards, library cards, house number, vehicle number, etc. understand that this means that the 88 spiritual meaning is tied closely to you.

Lucky number 8

The number 8 is considered to be a very lucky number in many cultures. This is because of the way the number is written. It is very balanced with its center poised perfectly. Two number 8’s or 88 effectively doubles the luck and signifies that your world is in harmony with the world around it.

88 Numerology

To truly understand the 88 spiritual meaning, you have to delve into 88 numerology. According to numerology, the number 88 is extremely lucky because it signifies an abundance of all things good. This however is largely associated with material things. So if you start seeing the number 88 in association with things of value, you can expect the valuation of that item to go up. This is especially true when it comes to property.

Many people try to buy houses with the number 88 or plots of land with the number 88 associated with it. 

Vehicles with the number 88 on their license plate are supposed to be extremely lucky. People believe that these vehicles are well balanced and less likely to meet with accidents which is why there is a huge demand for license plates with the number 88.

The 88 numerology significance cannot be ignored when you see the number in passing. This number usually comes into your life during a period of intense upheaval. The 88 spiritual meaning as per numerology is balance. It means that the time of upheaval is almost behind you. Your life is going to start stabilizing again. 

88 Meaning Bible

Did you know that 88 is considered a favorable number by the Bible? One popular example is the Psalm 88 which says, ‘O Lord God of my salvation, I have cried day and night before You. Let my prayer come before You; bow down Your ear to my cry, for my soul is full of troubles, and my life draws near the grave.’ 

88 Meaning Bible

This Psalm was written during the time of King David and epitomizes the Bible’s reference to forgiveness and mercy. When it comes to the Psalms, people remember and quote them based on the Psalm number. Since this passage is linked to Psalm 88, the number 88 has become closely associated with mercy and forgiveness.

88 Meaning Angel Number

Angel numbers are very important. They are numbers closely associated with our higher selves. Not everyone will call them angel numbers though. Some people will just say that it’s their lucky number. 

In essence, the person has realized that whenever they come across that particular number they are extremely lucky. You will notice that people will usually use their angel numbers for lotteries with the hope of winning the jackpot!

The angel number 88 is extremely lucky. In fact, the angel number 8 is supposed to be lucky. 88 on the other hand is supposed to bring double the luck! It also can have a deeper meaning. The arrival of the number 88 can mean that you need to make a change in your life inorder to strike a balance. 

88 Meaning Twin Flame

The number 8 looks a lot like a flame and the number 88 is considered a twin flame. The twin flame has a powerful energy and is significant because it brings that energy into your life. This is important when it comes to relationships because it either means that you are going to establish new relationships or that you will be able to infuse new energy into your old ones.

If you are in the middle of a rocky relationship with your partner, this is the time to try something new and smooth over distressed feelings.

88 In Hindi

88 in Hindi is ‘अठासी’ or ‘athaasee’.

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