All too often, people find themselves with their left ear ringing. Very few people however realize that there is a deeper spiritual meaning to left ear ringing. Interestingly enough, the ringing in the ears is linked to a shift in their energetic alignment. This happens to people who are highly sensitive to the energies of people around them. It is also related to the energies of the environment around them.

Sometimes, this can be triggered by harmful energies in their surroundings. The ringing in the ears is a warning sign that a chaotic energy in the vicinity is going to trigger a false belief. It is important to be on your guard in such instances. 

In other times, the disruption in energy can be purely emotional. Remember that emotions can influence the energies immensely. A highly emotionally charged situation is one of the biggest triggers for left ear ringing.

Left ear ringing spiritual meaning

Left Ear Ringing Spiritual Meaning

Sometimes, it is important to rule out a medical reason for repeated ringing in the ears. If you’ve done this and the ringing still persists, it means that there is a deeper spiritual meaning involved. One of the most common left ear spiritual meanings is that someone is talking about you. This is usually related to gossip. The ringing in the left ear is a warning about what is going on in the vicinity.

At other times, the left ear’s ringing is a message from your guardian angels. This is because you are probably losing control of yourself and your environment. It is a reminder to stay focused on what is important to you. Consider all aspects of your life and figure out which part of it you need to pay attention to.

Ear Ringing Omen

There are lots of omens that are associated with ear ringing. Some of them are good omens and others are bad omens. For example, many people believe that ear ringing means that good fortune is coming your way. This could be especially true if you have had a major event in your life like a job application or an exam. 

Alternatively, it could mean that someone is thinking of you. This could either be in a good way or a bad way. More often that not it means that someone is gossiping about you. You will find that this is central theme in many of the beliefs related to ear ringing. The ear ringing is a warning to stay on your guard because you can’t trust people in your vicinity. 

High Pitched Ringing In Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

One of the reasons is the loss of connection with your inner voice. The high pitched ringing is a last ditch attempt to capture your attention. Ringing in your ears makes you ignore everything else and focus on the sound. This is a way for your body to focus on what it needs. It is a form of introspection. Once you figure out what your inner voice is trying to tell you, the ringing will abate.

Low Pitched Ringing In Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

Very often, the low pitched ringing in the left ear is linked to the opening of the third eye. It symbolizes a connection with beings from a higher spiritual realm. It is a spiritual awakening of sorts.

The low pitched ringing in the left ear is a low key reminder to pay attention to the divine. It is time to pause. To sit down and reflect about the world around you. Very often, you will find that God is trying to reach you through messages that you have overlooked. Pausing and meditating will help you find out what those messages are.

Like high pitch ringing, low pitch ringing also goes away with time.

Biblical Meaning Of Left Ear

If you turn to the bible in search of the meaning of left ear ringing, it will tell you that it is a warning. God is trying to tell you to sit up and pay attention to what is happening around you and in your own life. 

Just like a fire alarm goes off as a warning for a fire, the left ear ringing is an alarm for an impending crisis. You will usually find that this happens in the middle of a bad situation or when life has turned turbulent. The best way to deal with this is to stay alert.

Another reason that the bible gives is gossip. Left ear ringing is a warning that gossip is being spread about you. 

Recall Healing Meaning Of Left Ear

Recall healing is an interesting branch of medicine that believes in treating the root cause of a disease. According to this theory, a lot of our illnesses center around our thought processes. The brain itself creates a pattern of behavior for disease and by breaking it, we can stop the progression of the disease. It is one of the courses of action to treat left ear ringing.

Aside from recall healing there are also other methods being used to treat left ear ringing. This includes behavioral therapy, medication and hearing aids.

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