Peacock spiritual meaning

It is hard to walk past a peacock. Not only is the bird huge by any standards, the peacock itself will make sure you notice it. I for one remember walking along a path in a bird park. One of the peacocks had decided to show off his plumage. Nothing would deter him. Not the tourists, not the other birds and definitely not the children. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the bird loved the attention.

By all accounts this multicolored bird is extremely pretty but it is also very self centered and vain. Which is where the saying ‘As vain as a peacock’ originated. That however is not all that the peacock stands for.

What Does A Peacock Symbolize?

A peacock symbolizes love, beauty and passion. It believes in itself and is not afraid to tell the world that it is magnificent. It is also justified in doing so because when a peacock decides to spread its tail feathers, it takes center stage. No other bird or person can compete with it.

A peacock symbolizes royalty.

In many cultures a peacock symbolizes royalty, virility and honor. You will find that this magnificent bird has inspired stories and novels. It has found its place in folklore and mythology. In short, the peacock has carved a place for itself in history.

Peacock Spiritual Meaning

It isn’t often that you will come across a peacock. In fact, generally speaking peacocks are endemic to Asia, Central Africa and India. You do however come across symbols, sculptures and even photographs of these beautiful birds. This is largely because artists and writers have been inspired by the bird and their works just reflect the passion that the peacock invokes.

The spiritual significance of a peacock is something that should not be taken lightly. It is one thing to say the bird is beautiful and marvel at it. If you come across the peacock often, make sure to take note.

Peacocks are known to be extremely territorial. They will protect their own even if harm comes their way. These loyal birds usually serve as a warning that there could be impending upheaval in your life. Keep an eye on your loved ones. They may need your protection and help.

Spiritual Meaning Of White Peacock

White peacocks are really rare. The white color of the peacock feathers symbolizes purity and has been linked with divinity. A white peacock represents a divine soul. One that has been cleansed from fear and doubt.

Spiritual Meaning Of White Peacock

The purity of a white peacock is really coveted and if you spot one, you should consider yourself very lucky. This is because a white peacock is aligned with a higher consciousness. It means that if you focus on yourself, you will reach a point of peace within yourself that few people do.

Most people go through the world trying to balance their emotions. At best, they manage to keep fear and self doubt at bay. The arrival of a white peacock has deep spiritual meaning. It is a symbol that change is afoot in your life. One that you should embrace with both your hands because this change will help you become one with both your mind and body.

Self doubt will have no place in your life while the white peacock remains your guide.

Peacock Feather Spiritual Meaning

Peacock feathers are beautiful. They are long, colorful and have a number of little tassels. In many countries around the world, a peacock feather is considered a symbol of good luck. You will particularly see this belief in Japan, India and China.

Peacock Feather Spiritual Meaning

In fact, if you delve a bit into Hinduism, you will realize that the Hindus associate the peacock with the Goddess Lakshmi. This Hindu goddess is associated with benevolence and good luck. The same can be said for the peacock.

Hindus believe that the peacock acts as a guardian in their homes. This is because of the many eye like markings of the peacock’s tail. It is one of the reasons why they love to collect peacock feathers.

Peacock Meaning In Hindi

The peacock meaning in Hindi is ‘मोर’ which is pronounced as Mor.

Peacock Biblical Meaning

The peacock is one of the animals that was mentioned in the Bible. In fact, you will find it mentioned right at the beginning with Adam and Eve. The story goes that Adam and Eve offered all the animals the fruit from the forbidden tree. There were few animals that refused to go against the word of God and the peacock was one of them.

God then recognized the peacock’s virtue and blessed him. He was given a body that the ravages of time would not diminish. It is from this story that people began to believe that the peacock had achieved immortality.

Peacock Christian Meaning

Another very interesting thing to note is the peacock Christian meaning. The peacock is viewed as a symbol of rebirth and the Christian mythology is tied to the rebirth of Jesus Christ. That is why the symbolism is very important in Christianity. You will find that many of the Christian saints will mention the peacock in relation to resurrection and rebirth. A deep connection that the bird shares with Christ.

Peacock Symbolism Buddhism

The Buddhists have a very interesting take on the spiritual meaning of a peacock. Peacocks as a rule eat a lot of berries and leaves. They even eat a number of items that we as humans find toxic. These poisonous berries and plants do not harm the bird. 

This is the reason why Buddhists believe that the peacock helps cleanse the world. It takes in all the bad and poisonous parts of life and purifies them. This helps people develop a more mindful approach and speeds them on their path to self enlightenment.

Peacock Spirit Animal Meaning

Many people consider the peacock their spiritual animal. It should not come as a surprise since this noble bird embodies the spiritual meaning of virality, beauty, immortality and grace. As a spiritual animal, the peacock serves as a guide to self love. It tells us just how important it is to recognize the beauty within ourselves and to be proud of it. A peacock also helps us highlight our strengths and use them to our benefit.

Peacock Totem Animal

Peacocks are a symbol of regrowth and rejuvenation. Many people believe that the myth of the phoenix actually was linked to the peacock. In fact, many of the myths that talk about the peacock and its immortality are very similar to those of the mythical phoenix. 

It is said that when the peacock totem enters your life, you are probably at your lowest. You have lost the ability to believe in yourself and your abilities. The peacock totem is centered around self image and positivity. It encourages an individual to believe in themselves. To believe that they can correct course and achieve their dreams.

In short, the peacock totem animal is the symbol of hope and self love. It is one of the most powerful totems in the world.