Flies can be found all around the world. To say that the insect is not popular is an understatement. Nobody likes the constant buzz of a fly near their ears. Plus, the fly is always seen close to refuse and garbage. It is associated with the spread of diseases because of this.

If you put all that aside and just focus on the insect itself, you will find that the fly is a rather remarkable creature. One of the most interesting things about the fly is its eyes. These huge eyes are positioned on either side of their head and give them a very wide range of vision. This is one of the reasons why it is so hard to catch a fly. It always sees you coming.

With that in mind, it is easy to understand the spiritual meaning of a fly. It symbolizes foresight. A chance to see change coming from a distance. 

These resourceful creatures can survive in the harshest conditions and will find food wherever they go. The way they hover around garbage gives the saying ‘One man’s food, another man’s poison.’ a whole different meaning.

spiritual meaning of a fly

Prophetic Meaning Of Flies

You probably will have noticed that flies get attracted to carrion. This attraction to the dead and decaying meat of animals is what brings the prophetic meaning of flies to the forefront. In general, flies symbolize loss. We aren’t talking about loss of an object here. Flies symbolize loss of a loved one. 

They are also a reminder of the fact that time is passing us by. We grow old and with age death draws nearer. It is an important reminder to live the life we have to the fullest.

Fruit Fly Spiritual Meaning

Unlike the larger and louder housefly, the fruit fly is really tiny and hardly ever heard. They usually enter the house along with fresh fruits that you buy. Once they enter, they are really hard to get rid of. 

The tiny little flies are tenacious. They move rapidly from one fruit to another, never giving up. They remind us to adapt to change quickly. The fruit fly also symbolizes survival. It advocates transformation of self. This means that it urges a person to reinvent themselves. The change should be something that the individual is comfortable with and something that is in line with his/her personal goals. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Flies In The House

Most people would cringe at the thought of flies in the house. It has however been known to happen which is why pondering on the spiritual meaning behind the occurrence is important.

There are two possible meanings to a sudden occurrence of flies in the house. It could mean that something bad is about to happen. Flies have just appeared with the warning. It is up to you to introspect and take stock of what can go wrong. Keep your guard up at all times.

An alternate theory is that there is a stranger trying to get in touch with you or meet you. This is a less dire warning. The arrival of a stranger could be good or bad. That is something that only time will tell.

Dead Flies In House Spiritual Meaning

Dead flies in the house could signify the need for focus. It may imply that you need to clear out the unwanted baggage in your mind. A cultured and disorganized mind is unproductive. Some people even recommend cleaning out your house. The act of cleaning gives you something physical to focus on. The focus helps clear your thoughts. Plus a cleaner space always helps a person focus on their life better.

Another aspect of the spiritual meaning of flies comes from the belief that spirits reside in them. Dead flies found in the house imply that some spirits of the dearly departed have come to visit.

Spiritual Meaning Of Flies In A Dream

On the rare occasion people will spot flies in a dream. Some people will dream about them on multiple occasions. Flies in a dream usually point towards the impending loss of a loved one. People who have such dreams are usually the ones who care for terminally ill or elderly people. 

A dream of flies can also center around anger. Think about how the constant buzzing of a fly annoys you. Your instinctive reaction is to swat it away or to kill it. This same anger is sometimes reflected in day to day life. Flies in a dream only serve to highlight the already known issue.

Fly Spirit Animal

People who have the fly as a spirit animal are remarkably resilient. They grab every opportunity that heads their way and turn into a success. It also helps that they usually strategize and have foresight that is needed in business endeavors. The fly spirit animal guides them through all the hard work and dedication that is required to reach their goal.

Fly Meaning In Hindi

In Hindi the word fly translates to ‘मक्खी’ or ‘makkhee’

Fly Biblical Meaning

Most religions around the world don’t take too kindly to flies. In fact, they see flies as evil. Flies feature in the Bible too. In fact, the ‘Lord of flies’ actually refers to the devil.

Flies are usually seen around dead and decaying matter. The connection between death, decay and flies is irrefutable. You will even find flies hovering around people and animals with wounds. This draw to sickness and death is what is highlighted in the bible. In other words, the bible associates the flies with evil.

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