Squirrels are one of the most popular rodents on the planet. With their gorgeous bushy tails, exuberant nature and ultra cute squeaks, people love to spot them when they head out on walks. Some even keep them as pets. 

Squirrels unlike many animals are found in most parts of the world. Some are bigger than others, some have more vivid colors and yet, the nature of the squirrel remains the same. A slightly mischievous albeit industrious animal, that people revere as mystical and god-like. In some cultures, the squirrel has even been raised to the status of God!

The spiritual meaning of squirrels is quite clear. They are admired, revered and loved. The various legends and tales that traverse time stand testament to it.

Legends And Myths About Squirrels

If you read up about native American culture, you will find that they believed that the squirrel was a storehouse of energy. Since chipmunks are also popular in the area, many of their stories crossed over with them. 

One such story talks about a plain chipmunk who went up to a rather ferocious bear and taunted it. As can be expected, the bear retaliated. It clawed the chipmunk down its back. Legend says that this is how the chipmunk got its stripes. 

In some native American folktales, squirrels are notorious as the troublemakers. They are rude, bossy, aggressive and ill tempered. Yet in some stories, the industrious nature of the squirrel is honored. Here they are deemed protectors of the forests that they live in. 

Another great example of mythology and squirrels is the famous Ratatoskr from Norse mythology. He is said to have been linked to both Hermes and Mercury. The story talks about how the squirrel can traverse difficult terrain quickly which was why the animal was picked in the first place.

In the Hindu mythology, squirrels were said to have helped Lord Rama (A Hindu God) to cross the ocean and reach Sri Lanka. Their aid helped him rescue his wife from the demon Ravana. 

Dead Squirrel Meaning

Dead squirrels symbolize the need to focus on balancing your life. Since squirrels are known to be resourceful, energetic and curious, the spiritual meaning of squirrels that are dead is that all those traits in you are in a state of decline.

It is a warning to refocus on your life. Focus on the things that you have let slide. Put in energy into the things that make you happy. 

For some really active people, the squirrel is their spirit animal. Yet despite the fact that the animal is always on the move, below the surface you will realize that there is a certain wisdom behind everything that the animal does. It expends most of its energy closer to winter. That way it has its food stocked up. In winter, the squirrel rests.

A dead squirrel could symbolize an impending burn out. Perhaps you are expending too much energy on something that is not giving you any joy or return on investment. Pause for a moment and re-evaluate.

White Squirrel Meaning

Most people see white squirrels as mythical creatures. But truth be told, there are white squirrels in the world. Though they exist, they are extremely rare which means that if you spot one, you are extremely lucky.

Very few people spot white squirrels. They are not animals you set out to see. Instead, it is the universe that leads them to you. So stop a while and breathe because the spiritual meaning of squirrels that are white is huge.

White squirrels symbolize change. It means that something rare and good is going to come your way. A white squirrel coming your way is just a means to prepare you for it. Some people say that white squirrels bring along with them an opportunity to forge great friendships. In a way, true friends are rare and the opportunity should be grasped with both your hands.

Black Squirrel Meaning

The black squirrel is none other than the fox squirrel or the gray squirrel. Like the white squirrel, the black squirrel too symbolizes change. This squirrel brings with it an opportunity for trust. If a black squirrel comes and sits by you or near you, be ready for things to be shaken up in your life. This is because there are bound to be struggles and chaos coming your way.

Squirrel Away Meaning

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘squirrel away’. This means put aside/save for an emergency. This term developed from the squirrel’s need to save food for winter. Just like the squirrel, we too should put aside finances for a rainy day.

Squirrel Tattoo Meaning

Squirrel tattoos are plentiful. There are loads of designs available. In general, a squirrel tattoo means liveliness, playfulness and energy. Much like the animal itself.

Squirrel Meaning In Hindi

In Hindi, the squirrel is called ‘गिलहरी’ or ‘gilaharee’.

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