The moth is the quieter, less noticed cousin of the butterfly. This insect usually has darker wings and flies primarily at night. In fact, the saying ‘like a moth to a flame’ came from the moth’s innate urge to fly towards bright light. It is a bit contradictory since they are primarily night fliers. That however is just what the moth is. A very contradictory creature. 

Despite everything, there is a deep spiritual meaning of the moth and it comes from its metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a winged insect. Moths symbolize change. Not just any kind of change. It symbolizes transformative change. So just like the caterpillar changes completely to become a moth, one aspect of your life will change drastically. Moths encourage you to trust the change just as they did.

There is another symbolic meaning of the moth. Just like it is attracted to the flame, you too could be attracted to something deadly. Make sure to evaluate your surroundings too. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A White Moth

White is a neutral color and white moths are highly symbolic. These gorgeous insects are found across the world and even though they fly at night, they do not frighten people. A part of that is attributed to the calming nature of their color. 

A white moth symbolizes peace, good health and calm. Just as the moth does not scare you, the incidents that come your way will bring a calming effect on your life and those around you.

Moth Landing On You Meaning

If a moth lands on you, it is symbolic. Moths don’t always trust people enough to land on them. It means that it trusts you and in a way that you need to trust yourself. Introspect upon the problems that you are wrestling with. Is it by any chance related to your lack of faith in your own abilities?

A moth landing upon you symbolized the need to look within yourself for the wisdom that you need.

Moths In House Meaning

On normal days you would not expect to see moths in your house. A sudden influx of moths into your house has an interesting meaning. They serve as a dire warning that there are people who mean you ill around you. In some contexts even enemies who would want you to get hurt. 

Another interesting take on moths entering your house is the potential of an impending quarrel with a loved one. This could be instigated by someone else who means you harm. So keep an eye out for naysayers. 

Brown Moth In The House Meaning

Brown moths are more common than their white counterparts. Unlike the white moth, the brown moth is linked to sadness. Its dark color is a reminder of all the hard times that people are going through. If you have a brown moth in the house, it means that the universe is resonating with your pain and sadness.

Spiritual Meaning Of A Black Moth

Black moths in your life are highly symbolic. These moths symbolize the act of leaving something behind. Like the brown moths, these moths also resonate with sadness. They however are also linked with grief. 

If you come in contact with a black moth or dream of one, it means that you should try to let go of the grief/sadness that is holding you back. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Luna Moth

Have you ever heard of a Luna moth? It is considered one of the most intriguing spirit animals. The Luna moth is a symbol of protection and guidance. It reminds us to face our trials with a steadfast faith in the future. At the end of the day, the caterpillar really does not know what it’s future holds. The moth however knows its past. And so in learning from the past, it teaches us that beyond the troubles that we see, there is a better tomorrow.

Yellow Moth Meaning

Yellow moths are beautiful. Very often people mistake them for butterflies. Unlike butterflies however, these moths fly at night. They make a very stark contrast against the dark building and skies. 

These gorgeous moths are so different from the other moths that you see. The yellow of its wings is probably the first thing you will notice. The yellow moth reminds us to be ourselves and not to be afraid to let our true color show. It is our inner talents that will set us apart from the rest of the world.

Moth Meaning In Hindi

In Hindi, a moth is called ‘कीट’ or ‘keet’.

Moth In House Meaning Chinese

Chinese have a lot of beliefs when it comes to a moth in the house. The QingMing festival is a time where people believe it is taboo to disturb a moth. Let alone kill one. If a moth visits during this time, the Chinese believe that it is the spirits of their near and dear ones visiting. The same holds true during periods of mourning.

It is important to remember this because a person may take offence to your actions.

Moth Meaning In The Bible

Interestingly enough, in the Bible, moths are a symbol of destruction. In the book of Mathew, God talks about how one should not store up treasures where moths and rust can destroy. 

You can see how that is true. Moths eat everything. It is one of the reasons why many people don’t want them in their houses. They can destroy good clothes, old books etc. If you have something precious, you need to look after it. It should not land up kept in a corner where it inevitably becomes fodder for moths. 

Moth Symbolism In Literature

If you look at literature throughout time, moths are portrayed as dark. Aside from their color, this is also attributed to the fact that they are nocturnal. Another reason why this dark theme makes sense is because moths are rather suicidal. They do head rather blindly towards a flame where they often burn and die. 

In a way, the fragility of the winged insect comes to head everytime it heads towards a bright light. It is this that inspires writers across the times. 

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