Talking to Mom in a Dream About Our Old Empty House

Talking to Mom in a Dream About Our Old Empty House
Talking to Mom in a Dream About Our Old Empty House

Today we are working on the following dream interpretation

In the realm of dreams, I found myself in a poignant discourse with my maternal figure, our conversation revolving around the mystic symbolism of our ancestral abode. Amidst a void, not in the tangible, material world, we were seated parallel on a barren plane represented by an unfurnished table — an edifice of emptiness.

Her aura resonated with an adamant resonance, articulating her stony resolve of not honoring the process of cleansing our sacred living space, a promise she had been evoking in the symphony of our lives for countless celestial rotations

Consumed by a whirlwind of raw emotions, I poured out my soul to her, recounting the tumultuous internal storms I was weathering – unnerving bouts of anticipatory fear, desolate nights passed in the embrace of sleep’s elusive cousin, and intermittent episodes of releasing internal imbalances into the physical plane.

Holding up the mirror of truth, I ventilated my intention of initiating the cleansing process of our dwelling place. I proposed an alternative possibility — conjuring a new crypt of solace under her benevolent guidance, and shifting there with our canine companions, the faithful guardians of our spirits.

Upon my consciousness’s return to the material plane, my physical vessel was pervaded by lingering sentiments of trepidation and incarceration. Confined and adrift, I seemed to exist in a maze with no illuminations leading to an exit. This internal dissonance was a metaphorical representation of feeling trapped and isolated, despite being surrounded by infinite cosmic possibilities.

Our dream interpretation

Understanding the Dream

Imagine you’re playing with clay. You can shape and mold it into anything you wish, right? That’s how a dream works – it takes the stuff in our minds and shapes them into stories while we sleep. Now, let’s chat about your dream specifically.

Talking with Your Mom’s Spirit

In your dream, you were talking to your mom, but not really your mom as she is in real life. More like her spirit or soul. She seems always firm on her idea of not “cleansing” the house – think of this like spring-cleaning meets magic! Maybe there are feelings or memories in that home that she wants to keep around.

Sharing How You Feel

Sometimes when emotions get too big for us alone, we share them with others—for example, talking to a friend about an argument that upset us or sharing our excitement over a great game played. This is what happened when you shared how you felt with your mom’s figure.

You told her about all kinds of scary feelings: worry for things yet-to-happen (like being scared before taking a quiz), feeling extremely lonely at night (like sensing no plushie will protect from scary dark), and unexpected outbursts (imagine shouting because something didn’t work).

Your Plan for Cleaning

You wanted to make things better by starting that “cleansing,” just as cleaning up can feel good after playing wildly all day long. Or imagine moving from an old club treehouse filled up with old toys & cobwebs into spanking new one built under patient watchful eyes of grownups—Here; those grownups were represented by the image of mom & pet dogs known in dreams as loyal to humans even death do they part.

Have you ever felt lost when playing maze games or felt trapped inside a big cardboard box? That’s what happened after waking up. Despite lots of opportunities our universe, It’s like feeling alone at a party full of other kids or getting stuck in a roundabout slide without any clear way to get off!