Woodpeckers are absolutely fascinating. While many birds can be considered hardworking, a woodpecker takes its responsibilities to a whole new level. The constant tap tap tapping that you associate with the arrival of a woodpecker is the bird searching for and foraging for food.

The woodpecker uses a long term strategy when searching for food. The tapping on the wood will help it locate its prey. Once it has done this, the woodpecker has to drill or peck a hole into the bark. It’s the sound of the pecking that you know so well.

It isn’t surprising therefore that the spiritual meaning of a woodpecker is closely linked to hard work, diligence and luck. You have to be in the right place at the right time to find the right opportunity. Instead of just hanging around and waiting for things to get easy, the woodpecker seizes the opportunity and pecks its way to success. A role model that all of us could follow.

Woodpecker Spirit Animal

Woodpecker Spiritual Meaning

A lot of people associate themselves with the woodpecker and this popular bird is also an incredible spirit animal to have. Woodpeckers are fiercely loyal and have a binding relationship with their family. It is one of the reasons why the bird works so hard.

The woodpecker spirit animal therefore signifies the bond between you and your family members. It means that you are highly committed to their well being and success. Some people may even call it a fierce sense of duty.

People who have the woodpecker as a spiritual animal are usually very empathetic and very loyal. They make great friends and extremely devoted family members. In fact, when things go awry in your life, these are the people who will probably pick up on your subtle cues first and make their way towards you to offer comfort.

Since they are passionate about relationships, you will find that they will stop at nothing to keep you happy or to help you solve your problems.

Red Headed Woodpecker Spiritual Meaning

Red Headed Woodpecker Spiritual Meaning

The red headed woodpecker is considered a symbol of good luck in most North American cultures. When delving into the red headed woodpecker spiritual meaning, one must consider what sets this bird apart from the other woodpeckers. The red head! Yes! The red head symbolizes level headedness which is something that is more prominent in these birds.

If you keep spotting a red headed woodpecker, you may want to look at your opportunities with a fresh perspective. Leave your emotions at bay when engaging with the opportunity and use a level headed approach.

Pileated Woodpecker Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the pileated woodpecker is steadfastness and loyalty. If you are stuck in a difficult position or task and you spot a pileated woodpecker, you need to consider staying on the task. Most of us feel like giving up when a task gets especially difficult or takes a long while to complete. It becomes harder when we can’t see any results.

The pileated woodpecker reminds us to remain focused on our task and to continue to be steadfast in our goal. By not giving up, you will eventually reach where you want to be.

Red Bellied Woodpecker Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of the red bellied woodpecker is closely related to the belly or the womb. It tells about returning to the womb and starting out afresh. If you spot a red bellied woodpecker, consider taking a step back and reevaluating the problem. You may be able to approach the task in a different way which will bear results quicker.

Biblical Meaning Of Woodpecker

The woodpecker is a part of many cultures and it should not surprise you that the Bible also has its own references to the bird. Christians believe that the woodpecker is a reminder that God exists. 

Think of it this way. The woodpecker’s job is to hammer into a tree and pull out a grub. It can’t see its food and must rely on its senses to locate it. Essentially the bird is working almost blind. The woodpecker then has the hard job of hammering away at the wood for a very long time till it can taste the fruit of success. 

Christians see this as a reflection of their own life. You know what God’s will is but have no idea of what or where his plan will take you. So you make your path literally flying blind. Until at last, you’ve done all the hard work and tasted the success of your labor.

Woodpecker Animal Totem

The woodpecker animal totem is an interesting one. It talks about the presence of opportunities in the world around you. Most of the time, we are blind to the possibilities that exist around us. There are loads of opportunities that pass us by because we are not paying attention.

The woodpecker on the other hand scans his environment looking for the slightest opportunity that he can embrace. When he finds one, he embraces it wholeheartedly and starts to work at it. 

The woodpecker animal totem sometimes signifies the winds of change approaching. It reminds us to be watchful because a good or a new opportunity is headed our way.

Woodpecker Symbolism Native American

Woodpecker Symbolism Native American

These birds are fiercely loyal and are connected to the home, to the family and to relationships. If you have seen a woodpecker nest, you will notice that they are dug in trees and are well protected. It is symbolic of protection of the family. That is why, Native Americans believe that the sighting of a woodpecker means that there is a great need to protect the family. 

Native Americans also believe that the woodpecker is a very resourceful bird and it is extremely hardworking. The constant drumming sound that the woodpecker makes when it is hammering on a tree or bark is considered to be similar to the beating sound that the heart makes. That’s why Native Americans consider the woodpecker to be symbolic of life.

Dead Woodpecker Omen

There are loads of omens that we come across every day. A dead woodpecker however is an omen that forces even the most careless of us to stop in our tracks. No matter what our beliefs are, everyone agrees that woodpeckers are beautiful and industrious. People admire them.

A dead woodpecker signifies the death of an opportunity. It could be related to a big promotion that you were expecting or a significant event in the family that was due to occur. You should expect some untoward news heading your way. 

Woodpecker Dream Meaning

Did you know that in many cultures woodpeckers are associated with magic? This is more so when you dream of a woodpecker. 

If you do dream of a woodpecker, know that there are a couple of intriguing interpretations to these dreams. One of the meanings is very obvious. It signifies the arrival of an opportunity. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times so that you do not miss the opportunity when it does arrive.

Another interpretation is to do with family loyalty. It signifies the strengthening of familial bonds. It could even mean that there is a new and important relationship that will possibly develop on the horizon. This could be a romantic relationship, it could be the arrival of a new child, an adoption process that is due to be processed etc. While these dreams refer to familial ties, it could also be in relation to friends.

Woodpecker Tattoo Meaning

The woodpecker is a much loved bird and it doesn’t come as a surprise that people choose to mark their bodies with elegant woodpecker tattoos. Native Americans believe in the magic of the bird and for them this tattoo symbolizes resourcefulness. It also signifies strength, perseverance and strong familial ties.

The woodpecker however has also been used by gangs and is seen popularly in prisons. These are representative of a whole gang rather than an individual. You will find that these tattoos have extremely long beaks.

Another intriguing interpretation of woodpecker tattoos is related to how closely connected the bird is to nature. These tattoos symbolize that the individual who carries them associates or wants to associate closely with nature.

Woodpeckers in general are much loved birds that people look forward to seeing in their daily life. This is because almost everyone believes that woodpeckers will bring them good luck and good opportunities.

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