Cats are one of the best companions that man has had since the time unknown. Dog lovers may choose to argue. The matter still stands that many people choose to keep cats as both indoor and outdoor pets. 

The reason why cats are so popular is because of their independence. They are generally really clean animals and they are really easy to look after. Black cats however are a source of debate for many. One thing that everyone does agree on is that there is a deep spiritual meaning of a black cat. The cat itself holds an iconic spot in folklore, mythology and literature.

Intriguingly enough, most of the spiritual meaning of a black cat is attributed to its dark color. People are innately scared of the dark. Dark things have often been associated with sadness and evil. Ironically, there are two polarizing views when it comes to the symbolism of a black cat.

On one hand, the myths state that if a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck. On the other hand, you have the Egyptians who believed that cats could do only good and made them gods. 

spiritual meaning of the balck cat

Black Cat Coming To Your House Spiritual Meaning

If a black cat enters your house, be prepared for good luck to come your way. In fact, you probably might be experiencing a lot of bad luck. A black cat entering your house is a symbolic break in the cycle. It means that your luck is going to change. 

The black of the cat serves as a symbolic disconnect or a clean break from the circle of bad luck that you find yourself trapped in. Unfortunately, many people still believe that it is the cat that brings the bad luck.

Black Cat Spiritual Meaning Egyptian

Egyptians loved their cats. In fact, many of their gods and goddesses took on the persona of a cat. Bastet for example is the cat headed goddess. She imbibes the cat’s fearsome nature when provoked. Yet, she is also depicted as graceful and elegant. 

Sekhmet on the other hand is a lion headed god. Another feline god that has made an impression in Egyptian folklore over generations. 

The Egyptians loved the cat’s sense of balance, both in the physical world and the spiritual world. Cats evaluate scenarios before making decisions. They are reflective and cautious. Quick to anger when provoked and yet extremely loving when the chance appears.

It was these traits that endeared them to the people and is probably one of the reasons why you will find cats carved on all the surfaces of the ancient Egyptian monuments.

Owning A Black Cat Spiritual Meaning

While many people jump at the sight of a black cat, others fall in love with them. Black cats are becoming increasingly popular as pets. Owning a black cat has a lot of spiritual meaning. It means that you are willing to look beyond the exterior. That you are willing not to judge a book by its cover.

While black cats get a lot of flak. They are at the end of the day, just cats with a dark coat. Misjudged and mistrusted. 

If you delve deeper into the spiritual meaning of a black cat, you will realize that they represent prosperity, good fortune and protection. They are the guardians of the household and keep bad luck at bay as best as they can. It is this same good fortune and protection that they offer you when you take them home.

Spiritual Meaning Of Black Cats In Dreams

Many people get worried when they see a black cats in dreams. There are however numerous interpretations of these dreams and it really depends on the context that you say the cat in. Normally a black cat in dreams would represent your cynicism for life. Dreaming of catching a black cat on the other hand symbolizes that there are difficulties in a relationship ahead.

A black kitten in a dream represents the loss of opportunity while the death of a black cat talks of inner conflict.

Black Cat Attack Dream Meaning

The interpretation of a black cat attack in a dream isn’t a good one. It means that a conflict is going to arise and you will have to face your enemies. The confrontation is something that you will not be able to avoid.

Not everyone will find this distressing. Introverts however will have a particularly bad time with this kind of news. The dream however serves as a warning for you to be prepared. To have your guard up so that you can tackle the situation effectively. After all, forewarned is forearmed!

Dead Black Cat Meaning

If you see a dead black cat, it is considered a bad omen. It means that something bad is heading your way in the imminent future. 

Another spiritual meaning associated with black cats that are dead is related to emotions. It is said that the sighting is a sign to let go of the strict hold you have on your emotions and enjoy life.

Remember that a cat is supposed to have 9 lives? Another interpretation of a dead cat revolves around this concept. It says that a dead cat could mean that you have lost a chance in life, but you have more opportunities at your disposal. Just like when a cat loses one life, it has eight more lives left.

Black Cat Tattoo Meaning

Black cat tattoos are very very popular. In fact, the fact that tattoos use black ink makes them one of the best things to ink on your skin. Plus they look really cool. 

A black cat tattoo can have a number of different meanings. For many they are simply a remembrance of a pet that they have lost. For others, it is a symbol of resilience. Many people also believe that black cat tattoos are a symbol of life after death. The tattoo is after all one of the few things that they will take to the grave with them.

Black Cat Totem Meaning

A totem is a spirit being or a sacred object. Black cats have been used as parts of totems for a long time despite all the superstitious beliefs associated with them. The black cat totem symbolizes a cat’s connection with the afterlife. By default this extends to the wearer of the totem.

Black cat people have a sixth sense. They sense a flux in the auras of the world and know when something is not right. Call it a tingling in whiskers or a twitch in the tail. The black cat totem is a learning curve for almost everyone. The person needs to embrace their inner selves with all their own imperfections. Not just that, they need to make peace with those said imperfections too. It is a tall order and the black cat people are more resilient than others due to this.

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