Spiritual Meaning Of The Eagle

Spiritual meaning of the eagle
Spiritual meaning of the eagle

Eagles are impressive and majestic birds. If you spot an eagle soaring up above you, the size of the bird will not immediately impress you. That’s because of the height that the eagle flies at. In reality, eagles are huge. True, there are some that are smaller than others, but on an average you will find that the wingspan of an eagle can range from anywhere between 1.5 – 2.5m. 

The spiritual meaning of the eagle is closely tied to its strength and power. Since the eagle literally flies up to the heavens it is associated closely with divinity. Eagles are often associated with east winds. The spiritual meaning of the eagle when it comes to east winds is that it is a symbol of renewed life. It is like a breath of fresh air on a still day.

An eagle embraces change. It does not let winds deter it from its goal. In fact, it rides the changing winds and tries different paths to meet its objective. This is why many people associate the eagle with new beginnings. If you spot an eagle near you, you probably are going to see some winds of change heading your way

Did you know that the eagle is incredibly farsighted? This ability allows it to pick out things on land while it is many miles overhead. This vision sets it apart from other birds and is one of the reasons why people believe that the eagle has foresight. It can see changes on the horizon that others cannot see coming. Sighting an eagle is a warning that one should not ignore.

Bald Eagle Spiritual Meaning

Bald eagles are hard to miss. Don’t take their name at face value though. Eagles that have white heads are called the Bald eagle. I think it got this name because of the striking difference that the white makes when compared to the rest of its body

Bald Eagle Spiritual Meaning

This powerful bird doesn’t fail to cause an impression when you see it. In fact, it was placed on the emblem of the USA by the founding fathers. This is because the spiritual meaning of the bald eagle is tied to its beauty and fierce independence. The founding fathers believed that the bald eagle represented the strength and freedom of the country and it has remained a part of the emblem ever since.

Golden Eagle Spiritual Meaning

While loads of people know and talk about the bald eagle, few realize that the golden eagle also has a spiritual meaning that should not be ignored. The golden eagle is revered by native Americans and it forms an integral part of their traditions and culture. In fact, you will find that their rituals sometimes use the feathers of golden eagles. 

Golden Eagle Spiritual Meaning

For them the spiritual meaning of a golden eagle is tied with truth and honesty. The bird also represents immense courage, wisdom and strength. The native Americans respect the eagle and the power and freedom that it projects.

White Eagle Spiritual Meaning

Like all eagles the white eagle also symbolizes power and freedom. Its color however distinguishes it from most of the other birds. White symbolizes purity and the white eagle takes this to a new level because it is also associated with divinity. 

This is why catching sight of a white eagle is considered to be a very good omen. White eagles are also seen as a connection to the spirit which could mean that you are close to achieving self actualization. Another insight is that the eagle serves as a reminder to focus on the divine in your life. 

Two Eagles Flying Together Spiritual Meaning

Eagles are extremely loyal birds. These are birds that usually have just one partner for life. If you spot two eagles flying together, odds are that you are seeing it flying with its mate. Often you may even spot them with their young ones. 

The spiritual meaning of two eagles flying together is linked to this spirit of loyalty. It is a sign that you should look at the relationships in your life and evaluate them. Try to find out where your loyalties lie. If you are going through a particularly bad time in a relationship, the sighting of two eagles may be a symbol that you should spend some quality time with your significant other.

Dreaming Of An Eagle Spiritual Meaning

Eagles are tenacious creatures. They do not give up easily and since they are at the apex of the food pyramid, they have a myriad of strengths that they can use to grasp an opportunity in its talons.

If you dream of an eagle there is a deep spiritual meaning that you may want to consider. Maybe there is an opportunity on the horizon that you are contemplating but haven’t begun to pursue yet. It may be the time to start planning out a strategy to achieve it.

Dreaming Of An Eagle Spiritual Meaning

It could also mean that you have a problem at hand and you haven’t figured out how to resolve it yet. Take a step back and look at the problem from a fresh perspective. If you can’t make headway in solving it, dreaming of an eagle may indicate the need to ask someone else for help. Often, other people will see things that you have missed. 

Eagle Meaning In Hindi

The meaning of eagle in Hindi is ‘गरुड़’ or ‘garud’

Eagle Meaning In The Bible

The Bible mentions eagles in various different scriptures. The meaning of the eagle in the Bible is often associated with a protector. This should not come as a surprise since the old testament often refers to God as an eagle. 

There is also another aspect of renewal which the Bible refers to. This can be seen when you read Psalm 103:5 which says; ‘who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s’. In this case, the person who is being referred to in the sentence is God.

Eagle Omen Meaning

Eagles are powerful omens and you will find that many cultures across the world believe this. Hinduism believes that sighting an eagle means that a better future awaits you. This is because an eagle can soar above all the difficulties and hurdles placed in its path with ease.

The Bible on the other hand uses it as a reference to God which means that seeing an eagle is akin to a visit from God himself. 

Native Americans believe that the eagle is an intermediary between this life and the next. This is because the eagle can soar to the heavens. They believe that when you see an eagle, it could mean that a spirit from the beyond is trying to get your attention.

Muslims believe that an eagle is a messenger from God and treat the birds with utmost respect. In fact, the Quran even refers to them as God.

Eagle Spirit Animal

An eagle spirit animal has a great fortitude of strength. It depicts loyalty, security, fierceness, focus, foresight and ambition. An eagle is never content sitting on land. It must soar to the skies. In fact, it has the best view of the world and foresight that we can only hope to achieve.

An eagle spirit animal gently nudges us to do better. It reminds us not to be content with the average but aim beyond. Its foresight is invaluable and helps us plan ahead. 

You will find that an eagle is usually the spirit animal of a person with a type A personality. These people are driven to succeed and the traits of an eagle resonate with them strongly. 

Bald eagle spirit animal is uniquely placed because it resonates with people within a country namely the USA. It represents their struggle towards freedom and their ability to uphold it. The bald eagle spirit animal represents dedication, protection and loyalty.