Native to the Americas, the hummingbird is a small bird that is just 7.5-13 cm. Despite their small size, it has become popular across the world because of the gorgeous colors that adorn its body. It’s name is derived from the buzz or humming sound that its wings produce.

The hummingbird is the smallest migratory bird in the world. Unlike other birds, this one does not migrate in large flocks. Instead, they choose to make the journey a solitary one. This is quite remarkable given its small size.

Hummingbirds have inspired people across the span of time. In fact, you will find them in stories, novels of both the modern and classic eras of literature. Even folklore has a place for these feisty and energetic birds.

It isn’t a wonder that there is a deep spiritual meaning of a hummingbird. Some would go so far as to call the Hummingbird their spirit animal.

Native American Hummingbird Meaning

Did you know that the hummingbird is considered a messenger of joy? The indigenous communities of the Pacific coast revere it because of its intelligence and beauty. 

The Northwest coast of America has a legend. It talks about a Raven who enchanted and transformed a flower. That flower became a hummingbird. He then charged the hummingbird with a message which was to be delivered to all the other flowers. Legend has it that the hummingbirds are still fulfilling their task till today. That is why you will see them darting from flower to flower. In fact, this is probably where the bird got its nickname, the messenger of joy. After all, flowers do bring joy.

As you can see. The people hold the bird in deep regard and that is largely because of the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird.

The birds are also considered symbols of love and devotion because they are extremely territorial. Despite being tiny, the hummingbird will go through great pains to defend its territory. That is why the sighting of a hummingbird is always considered good luck. This is particularly true if the sighting is before an important event.

Hummingbird Meaning In The Bible

If you are looking for the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird, you don’t have to look further than the Bible. In fact, here the hummingbird is associated with death. Contrary to belief, this isn’t a bad thing. Like the native Americans, the Bible also sees the hummingbird as a messenger. Here the bird traverses between the realms and brings news that the deceased has passed on. 

It is said that if you see a hummingbird when you are grieving, it is an indication that your loved one has reached heaven. It is a reassurance that comes from beyond the grave.

Hummingbird Dream Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a hummingbird can also be interpreted when you catch a glimpse of this beautiful bird in your dream. The buzzing of the hummingbird amongst beautiful flowers always evokes a feeling of joy. In dreams, the hummingbird signifies this same positive energy. 

It evokes impressions of speed and agility. As far as emotions go, a hummingbird symbolizes happiness. People always consider a hummingbird a sign of success and good luck if it appears in a dream. Alternatively, it could also mean that there is a lot of good luck coming your way.

If you dream of hugging a hummingbird, you are probably thinking of letting go of a dream or a life ambition.

Hummingbird Meaning In Hindi

Interestingly the Hummingbird in Hindi translates to ‘गाने वाला पक्षी’ or ‘Gāne Vālā Pakṣhī’ which loosely means a bird that sings.

Hummingbird Meaning In Urdu

The Hummingbird meaning in Urdu is ‘شکر خورا’ or ‘Shakar Khura’ in Roman Urdu

Hummingbird Meaning In Tamil

In Tamil, hummingbird translates to ‘ஹம்மிங்பேர்ட்’ or ‘Ham’miṅpērṭ’. 

Hummingbird Meaning In Marathi

If you are looking for the hummingbird meaning in Marathi, you will find that it is called ‘Hamiṅgabarḍa’. Though some people will just call it a hummingbird.

Hummingbird meaning In Malayalam

In Malayalam, hummingbird is ‘ഹമ്മിംഗ്ബേർഡ്’ or ‘ham’miṅgbērḍ’

Hummingbird Moth Meaning

Interestingly enough there are hummingbird moths and they often get mistaken for hummingbirds! Wondering why? These moths are remarkably agile, quick and have the ability to hover over a flower exactly how a hummingbird does. In fact, if you haven’t been paying attention and you catch just a glimpse of it, you probably will think that it is a hummingbird too. 

Hummingbird moths are Sphinx moths. They have a unique body. With thick fuzzy antennae and a body that resembles a bumble bee, it is a wonder that they can move so fast. Their wings however propel them about at really fast speeds.

Dead Hummingbird Meaning

While these birds are bringers of happiness, don’t panic if you see a dead hummingbird. In fact, the spiritual meaning of a hummingbird that is dead, is related to commitment. It symbolizes that the person who has seen the bird is ready to make a big commitment in their life. This could be in regard to a project, a job, a partner etc.

Some people also believe that a dead hummingbird symbolizes change. Good things don’t last forever. Events in life change the natural order of life as we know it. The death of a hummingbird symbolizes the death of a facet of life. It reminds you to prepare yourself for what is to come.

Hummingbird Legends And Myths

There are loads of legends and myths that are associated with hummingbirds. These date way back to the Aztec civilization where the Aztecs believed  that their God Huoyzilopochtli, was half man and half bird. The bird half of the God was made up of the colorful feathers of a hummingbird.

The Taino people believed that the hummingbird was a symbol of rebirth as the Aztec. In fact, despite the fact that the Taino warriors were called hummingbird (Calibri) warriors, they believed that the bird was a symbol of life, peace and protection.

The Mayans on the other hand believed that there was something magical about the hummingbird. They attributed this to the speed at which the bird moved. You could look at the bird for a moment and it would vanish from your vision in the next moment. They were so enamored by the bird that they believed that it was the sun.

Wondering why? Well, the sun came down to earth in the shape of a hummingbird so that it could court the moon! You can see how that aspect of the hummingbird symbolism developed.

If you head to the Caribbean, you will find that the people there thought that the spirits of their ancestors and relatives lived in the tiny birds.

Like these, there are numerous different tales and legends that center around the hummingbird symbolism. You’ll find them across the Americas because that is the place that the birds call their home.

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